hey people .
i am not a very good programmer . i am biginner in web designing . not a very biginner . i can design a full website in php/mysql and a can create a powerful php apps but my main problem is seo (search engine optimization ) . i have been programming in php since the biginners of 2009 and mainly in 2010 but all what i was doing is just typing codes and run them in my free website . but now when i bought my website i knew that there is something called seo and i looked through too many websites and i got too many tips but they were not that useful and i didnt realy get any effect after applying them . some were telling the good thing is to use the meata tak keywords and others were saying keywords are not useful.
so please . if you know any seo tip or if you know any website that provide effective tips , please write them to me or give me the link. couz i am realy tired from reading useless tips and by the way , all the tips were like each other

Personally, I find this blog very useful. If you subscribe, you get access to his e-book which contains useful tips.

Create a fast website, use decent titles, preferably use titles in your url's. Sign up for webmaster tools (Google, Yahoo) and create/use a sitemap.

i will check the blog right now and see if i can subscribe