Hi All,

What is the importance of adding a favicon.

I recently added a favicon to my site, just because I had it as an action item to do.
Does it really affect your Search Engine Rankings, etc. or is it only a part of creating brand value?

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This php??

Favicons are a part of your overall site branding. They show up in your web browser, but also in news feeds, so it’s important that you include one with your site.
Imagine sites like Amazon, Google, Twitter (Daniweb too.. :D) without favicons.

I suppose its for the better brand value. It creates a recognition in the minds of visitors. And also the websites with FavIcons look more professional.


Can you please checkout the favicon of my website and provide your feedback, if it does look professional.

Nothing to get more hits, just need some honest reviews.

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If it's the site in your sig - looks really nice IMO.
I'm using chrome, so I don't see the favicon unless I bookmark it. Now that I have, it's a little messy due to the grey background. If you could make the question mark have a transparent background, that would help.

IN addition - the English on the main page is a little suspect:

SHARE TO OTHERS - surely that should be SHARE WITH OTHERS

'Get personalized help from people who knows the answers' should be

'Get personalized help from people who know the answers.'

I also see a '� Copyrights 2010 AskW5H.com. All Rights Reserved' at the bottom of the page

This is probably because the copyright symbol has been typed as is into the html. USe html encoding for this ( & followed by copy; ).