I'm working on a site(asp.net/VB/sql some html) that needs to have a user login that would allow the user to see pricing, special documents etc. I do not need a community type site login where users have access to directories or pages. What I need is a good way to say: IF the USER is logged in then show this field or this link. The problem comes in when the users moves from page to page (most pages are aspx but some may be html).

I thought about passing a var to each page when the user moves from page to page but Im not sure about passing it to an html page then back to and asp page.(the html pages are being created by an outside vendor).

What would be the best way to do this? Examples pleazzzzz

Session will allow us to store values into server location (memory) per user and programmable web-pages get or set these values. You can't use session with html web-pages.

To set value,

Session("name")="Mr. A"

To get value,

if Not IsNothing(Session("key1")) Then
     dim no as integer = Session("key1")
 End If
  if Not IsNothing(Session("name")) Then
     dim name as string = Session("name")
 End If

I was looking at using session but because of the html issue I stopped. What I think I will have to do is just rewrite the other programmers html pages to match my aspx pages. Joy!

I will give this a try

You can pass variables over to html pages, but it requires some extensive JavaScript to do so, as well as exposing some of the information to the user via the URL.