hey people
i want to create a vedio chatting

i know how to create a php/mysql chatting but i dont know how to create a vedio chatting

do i need to learn another lamguage or php is okay.
will i need flash??
how can i acccess the webcam from a web page.
please give me the adreess of anywebsite you think it can be helpful to me

I don’t want to raise any issues but I am feeling that I should be honest with you. Programming isn’t a cheating of other people ideas and code. If you have an issue just state it .. point the ways that you are thinking could solve it … and we (I can’t speak for none else) but certainly I will help. What troubles me is students that don’t want to do their homework and ask here for the solutions and “programmers” that don’t know how to programming and asks for the easy fix without ever bothering to understand what they are doing. Programming isn’t the cheek with the golden eggs … it needs a lot of work and knowledge (and of course to join what you are doing) .

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I totally agree with jkon. Five minutes of research in the net would be enough to find answers to most of your questions.

> do i need to learn another lamguage or php is okay.
No, PHP can't do that.

> will i need flash??
If you like.

> how can i acccess the webcam from a web page.
Not at all (at least when you configured your computer properly)

> please give me the adreess of anywebsite you think it can be helpful to me
No problem: www.google.com

hey, i am an IB student and these days the school is crushing us. and my biggest problem is that i love programming. and this is why you found me learning programming every day. and now i am the best in my school in programming couz i am the most experianced person in programming in my school. well i asked if i can do it in php couz i dont have a very big experiance. i knew php last year on january. this is when i started php programming. i can do alot of things. about homeworks and these things . i am creating a social netwrok and i am trying to put things that facebook done have. one of these things is webcam chat.
who said i didnt check google.com ??
i cant ask daniweb people (who usualy think that people want a ready results and answers to fix their problems) without checking Google. i checked Google and all what i got is Ready apps. and i have to buy them.

about what you said about i didnt think about the solustion. i didnt found any solution, i dont want you give me a ready solution. i want you give me few things. these things are like:
i suggest to you to learn FLASH, JS, blah blah blah
or I think you need flash and javascript and you will need to learn blah blah blah.

about programming is not something easy and requires alot of job, i know this and by the way, i have programmed alot i made a social netwrok in php/mysql before but it wast better than facebook and what i am trying to do now is to create a social etwrok which is better than facebook. do you think i will think about even creating a social netwrok if i dont know what is programming exactly and i dont know how to program ??
i am not saying i am very experianced in programming , i am just telling you that i dont need such answers wich can discurage me (and nothing can discurage me).

please dont be like this, if you said this to someone who is a biginner in programming what he will just do is that he will leave the industry of programming and computer science.

by the way, we have a computer club in our school and i am the clubs presedent and i also teach there (PHP/MYSQL).

i hope you understood what i have said. my english is not very good.

hey sorry, i was supposed to say thanks.

thanks for the link.
i am checking it now and it looks somehow like what i wanted