Hi !! I am having a technical problem to run the code of servlet ,jsp and jar file .can you plz tell me how to put these in diferent folder to execute it..plz plz plz tell em the folder arragement to execute j2ee project..

Plz help i need help...

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I want to develop chat messenger. messeage with be Encrypted and Decrypted in servlet and jsp using RSA algorithm please help me.

help you with what, exactly?
if you have an unrelated question, you should have started a new thread, not revive a thread that hasn't been active for three years (even if it was related, which it is not, you should have started a new thread).
if the question is: "can you gimme the code", which it does look like (vague description, no state of the project (what is finished, what is troubling you), no code you're having trouble with, nothing you've tried, ....)
you should have considered not posting at all.

the community rules require some effort on your side. we don't mind help you fixing your problems, but there's a big difference between that, and becomming "programmers for hire"

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