Which of the following are true regarding multiple versions of an assembly?

a. When multiple versions of an assembly are available on the search path (AKA private assemblies), the runtime

will use the first matching assembly with a version number equal to or higher than the assembly version that

was originally linked against.
b. When assemblies are resolving in the GAC (AKA shared assemblies), both the originator and the version are

considered in determining the appropriate assembly.
c. Configuration files can be used to override the version specified at build time.
d. Strong Names are not required to utilize .NET's versioning capabilities

There are two types of assembly Private and Public assembly. A private assembly is normally used
by a single application, and is stored in the application's directory, or a sub-directory beneath. A
shared assembly is normally stored in the global assembly cache, which is a repository of assemblies
maintained by the .NET runtime. Shared assemblies are usually libraries of code which many
applications will find useful, e.g. Crystal report classes which will be used by all application for