I would appreciate any help on the above. All my process and issues is in the attachments.

ps: Java 1.6
tomcat 5.0.28

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Try to run clean build, can be that something got messed up since last changes. What clean build should do for you is remove all *.class files and then either automatically or let you compile whole project again. If you using Maven with your project, then look for "mvn clean" (this can be also executed manually from command line in the project directory)

Yes. I believe something has messed up. I have done clean built. I haven even reinstalled a fresh tomcat directory on my c:\Program Files directory. I have even re-extracted out a new ClientStatements and ReportnetAxis project from CVS. I have even installed a new tomcat plugin and devloader for Eclipse. I have done all i could do but still problem exists. This is really frustrating as i am not sure what the problem is. The only thing i noticed a difference between mine and my co-worker is in the axis.xml (context). If you look at this axis.xml (this is automatically generated by the tomcat update), you will noticed that there is a DevLoader section. My co-worker's axis.xml doesn't have that line. I am not sure why the difference. One thing i do noticed is that when i removed that line and start the tomcat, nothing will get loaded onto the JSP classpath. I find it strange that my co-worker's axis.xml which doesn't have that DevLoader line and yet when he starts his tomcat, those classpath are seen defined by the DevLoader. He doesn't have this problem like mine. :O(

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