Hi everyone...not usually in this part of DaniWeb...

My friend is having massive problems with his internet explorer..

it keeps giving errors about .js (javascript?)

Along with this you try to go on a site and it attemps to download a .cr file.

Sometimes it loads just plain text, sometimes saying unexpected syntax etc etc(for javascript).

This happens with Chrome and also with Internet Explorer, have tried to play about with settings but to no advantage.

Getting really peed off with this so thought I would put it to the experts lol


descriptions too vague, but if same crap happens on every site, he's probably virused up.

Definitely a trojan virus. I was hit with this some time ago.

Thanks everyone...I did think that too...you were both right...he had something on it...he called one of these helplines..and they told him to do a system restore before I could help him out...cost him a shit load of money...oh well his problem...

But..even though he has done a system restore...it will still be on the computer right?

Possibly. The most likely scenario is he'll go back to the same *ahem* site where he first got it, but hopefully he now know the time between virus software expiration and renewal should be less than zero.