Hello i want to send bulk sms.In developer API this code is given.
where should i use that code.

A sample HTTP API Call for Single Recipient would be:

A sample HTTP API Call for Single Recipient with Scheduling (4th January 2009 at 3:30 PM) would be:

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The SMS API should normally allow sending to multiple recipients by using a comma(,) between the recipient numbers e.g.,


If not then you would probably need to use a while loop to send the messages individually.

However, try and see if the SMS API has a POST method. The problem with putting this directly into your code is that the users can see your username and password and will be able to use your SMS login to send messages which will cost you.

On a side note, it is rather concerning to see that the message and recipient details are being sent as plain text over an unsecured connection.

Does the API not offer SSL support?



I am a Support Engineer of CS Networks.

Try typing the "&" sign in your API, and that will do the job.
It is working like that in our own API.


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