I have an ASP.NET page which is being slowed considerably by a dropdownlist on it. This dropdownlist gets initialized in the page load. I check the postback, so it's only filled once. It has 8,000 lines. On the page whenever a button is clicked it adds 8 or 9 seconds to the response time. I've tried autopostback = "false" on both the form and the dropdown. That didn't work. I have tried binding this dropdownlist to an arrary and eliminating the SELECT statement. That didn't work. The user wants this dropdownlist there and it does have a function. But just because it's there, it slows the form down. It has 8,000 lines in it. (They are distinct and can't be reduced below that). Any ideas? Is there a way I could section off my page so that part isn't affected by a button click? Help!

8000 records, that is definitely a lot.
first: if you are saying it is mandatory to have a dropdownlist in there, then i will think a way to group the records, kind of "Category and Sub-Category", in that case you will have two dropdownlist, one to filter the other one.

Second: sometimes i use an AutoComplete textbox like this AjaxControlToolkit AutoControl, but then you wont have the dropdownlist.

if i think in something else i will let you know...