HI To all,

I am using php page navigation how pass selected check box value to next page.


I am display 20 member details per page.
First page i am checked 10 member.
second page i checked 5 member.
how to pass the first page checked value to second page in php .

give the solution.

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use $_session

Please note, that we do not just "Give the solution" here. We try and help you find it for yourself.

For what you are trying to do, are you using 2 different pages to show the different members, or are you using the same page with ID increments to show the members?

Either way you will have to put in a process code to capture the checkboxes on the previous page either as an array, in a text box or in the session (as pzuurveen said). On the second page, one the user has selected the checkboxes then add them in to the previous chosen method of storage.

Hope this makes sense. Try and code it in. If you get stuck, post the code and we'll help you figure a way out.

use the same name give to the field that posts or get from form. eg name='name'
on php $name or $_POST[name];

If you are using all the checkboxes with the same name and values as per the member_id, then you can use $_POST to retrieve the data as an array, implode the array and put it onto the page in a textbox. On the next page you can get the data of the textbox to get the data from the previous page, the $_POST to get the array of the checkboxes, combine both of them to get all...

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