In many of the forums i have observed that , we can re direct the page like

thanks for logging in u will be redirected in 5 secs

and eventually the 5 secs decreases to 0 and the page gets redirected.

In my php code i could redirect the page simply through

header("Location: http://www.MyWebPage.com/");

How do i show the seconds and finally redirect.

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Ohh.... Common guys i need some help ..?
I did almost of wat i could think of , i would be glad if u could provide me with some guidance...

Ps: I am aware that i cannot post one after the another , (i apologies for that )


Since any echo before redirect will cause error, then I think there is some sort of buffering and then redirect while using timer

Mhh! Completely theory that I don't know its validity ;)

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