Hello ,,

How are U ??

I have a problem in creat RSS Sitemap

I need it for Arabic .. first I added English threads , its appear without any problem

but when I added Arabic threads All of its disappeared !!

Just the title appear in Arabic

Now this is the Code of sitemap

<rss version="2.0" encoding="UTF-8"><channel><title>Md5x</title><description>مم</description><link>localhost</link>
<? header('Content-type: text/xml charset=UTF-8'); ?>
<? include ("config.php") ;

$query=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM posts ORDER BY `postid` DESC LIMIT 0,10");
while($result = mysql_fetch_array($query)){
<title><?=htmlentities(strip_tags($result['title'])); ?></title>
<? } ?>

Just the title appear in Arabic

Thank U very much ..

Maybe your arabic pages are not correctly encoded (or the backend database uses a different character set than UTF-8)

Have you tried using e.g. A1 Website Analyzer to see the character set your Arabic pages identify themselves as being? (Often people get this wrong compared to their underlying data.)