I have a list of say 15 images.

How can I make it so that in each page refresh they all change to a random position?


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Place locations into a multidimensional array (positions - X, Y coords).
Place images into an array.
You can use shuffle to shuffle the image arrangement.
Place an image to a position via a loop.

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You can use shuffle to shuffle the image arrangement.

Ok, I'm maybe I should rephrase.

I want to change the order of the images not the physical positions.

Would I still use shuffle?

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Depends - are you showing all of them or just one?

If all, use shuffle on the array.

If just one, use mt_rand() too generate a random number between 0 and num photos - 1 and use that in conjunction with your array to get an image. Else you could divide the days of the week/month up between the images, so a diff image shows depending on the day/daynumber.

Heres the code I used;

$images=array( "1.gif","2.gif","3.gif","4.gif","5.gif"  );
for ($i=0;$i<5;++$i)
 echo "<img src='$images[$i]'>";

You recon instead of the image names (1.gif etc) I could use the source code, because I need each image to hold a link.

Instead of 1.gif, <a href=".../contact.html"><img src=".../1.gif"></a>

Would that work?

This doesnt seem to work.

Any ideas on how I can shuffle the images and get them to link to a differnet pages?

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You need an array of arrays if you want to link an image to a particular link.

$array = array(array("1.gif","contacts.php),array("2.gif","about.php")...);

Perhaps: http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.shuffle.php#93214