Hi, I am working on a Inventory management system. No I would like to have a custom bill no, which will be changed on each month, i.e. the first bill of March, 2011 will have a no like "Mar/2011/01", the next will be "Mar/2011/02" and so on, until it is March, 2011. On April 2011 it will start again from one, as "Apr/2011/01"..... and so on. I am using Mysql & PHP for the project. How to achieve this???

if you want to have your inventory items update the bill number each month, you can use Cron jobs to have it auto update or windows scheduler for windows

whenever your are going to generate a bill then use this function to get current date:

echo Date('M/Y/d');

and save this in your database.

echo Date('M/Y/d');

will print the current date. But I need a no like Current Month/Year/01. The underline part will increment as I create a new bill. It will not change by day, but by month. At the starting of each month the underline part will start from 1.

then try his:

$d = mktime(0,0,0,date("m"),1,date("Y"));
echo "Date: ".date("M/Y/d", $d);

Thanks to all. I have done this with some changes in my table, and now I am getting the output using some mysql command.