Hi frens,

i have a requirement, where on selecting a option from dropdown, next 2-3 text field should get populated with data from db(without refresh), i managed to get this this thing to work using ajax/jquery, but i am not able to display the data in their respective fields, its returning as a single text and getting displayed in one field.

is there any function like explode in php??

can someone pls throw light on how to get through this problem.

any help/suggestion appreciated.


Would this thread help? It looks the same to me.

hey taywin, thanks, its exactly what i need, but i was not able to get this thing to work with ajax, so i switched to jquery, where i could get the string, is it possible to parse the string as shown in that thread??

anyways, please have a look at my ajax code, which i could not get to work,

it would we very helpful, if you could find where i am going wrong in ajax

Well, what you have to do or replace the onstageready is in your :success for JQuery. The only thing you need is to return a correct string format. Or if you want to use xml, you have to modify the match up in order to make it work.