Hi everyone!
I am looking for a jquery plugin that moves a whole page horizontally, diagonally or vertically like the one here:


any help is highly appreciated!

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Try creating a page with all divs in it.

then use the code below to create the transition

using mootools framework

Fx.Scroll(window, {duration: 1000, wait: false, transition: Fx.Transitions.quadInOut})

Hello realnsleo,

were you able to find a method to do this animation you described? i was browsing the internet when i came across this forum. i have the same problem as yours and i will appreciate if you can give me an idea or a sample code that helped you achieve our desired animation.

Best regards,


The bulamu.net example is really just one page, but organised into a set of "tiles" to give the appearance of separate pages.

The transitional slide effect is achieved with mootools. I am not a mootools expert. You can find out more by viewing the source then penetrating the various scripts.


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