I'm fairly new to HTML and CSS, but I have the concepts down and I can do many things. I also know some very basic XHTML. I am looking to learn Javascript, mainly so I can do an effect like the advertisement that drops down on this website. I looked at the websites code and I'm pretty sure that javascript was used to make the advertisement drop in by itself. Where would be a good reliable source to go and learn JavaScript, is there a website, book, etc. that anyone would recommended?



i can suggest with ........SPeed FANat1c.....


i can suggest with ........SPeed FANat1c.....

:D a litte bit, yeah :)

Thanks for those websites :)


this has helped me with making innteractive sites loads to choose from and gives you the code to just insert into your own site simple and free!!!

Please i also need materialds on java scripts, where can i get.

Thanks a lot.

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