I want to create a 3 page search to bring back one result from a SQL database.

The first page will be a image of a male and female, and the user selects themself, e.g either Male or Female. They click next. The next page asks for the day of their birth, and they press on one of the number icons and click next. The next page asks for the month of their birth, and again they press on one of the month icons and click next.

On the next screen I want it to display the information from the database if there is only one result.

If there are more than one result then a message would be displayed.

Please can someone advise on the best approach.

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hey use class in which use two diffrent variables one for gender and other for date of birth then pass it to database for matching.
in more detail write more what u want to do exactly.


The three different bits of information from each of the 3 screens would then search the database. Is that feasible.

Please provide more information from the above answer, I'm a newbie.



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