Hey guys,

I'm interested in PHP and was wanting to get better. I figure there is at least a handful of active members who are college students and wouldn't mind learning more PHP. My offer is to create our own, unique, open-sourced educational CMS similar to Blackboard or Angel. It would strictly be for educational purposes and we'd be learning to collaborate as a group, which could only help you in the future. We'd divvy up the work equally and communicate regularly via chat/discussion and more importantly, stay motivated because it wouldn't be just you coding by yourself and losing focus. We'd outline a big goal, plan accordingly, and try our very best to make one. Now, why should we do this? Simply put, it would look fantastic on a resume and if even one college picked it up, we'd really have a solid backing.

If no ones interested, that's fine. However, it's very hard to do things on your own (as you may or may not know) and working together would get a lot more work accomplished at a much more rapid pace.

If anyone's interested in collaborating, let me know by replying back.

A couple requirements would be that everyone is capable of communicating in English, has some knowledge with HTML/CSS (which you should if you know PHP), and a good understanding of databases. A couple strengths we could use are AJAX/jQuery/designing for a "prettier" front-end.

i am starter in PHP, i mean i am not saying that i am expert in PHP, but i know i will do.

but i want to know one more thing that is it an full time project or part time, i mean about timing period..

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