hi i want to be a web developer, im studing javascript right know but i didnt now how
to studey it actually the book im using is awful any recomendation other that w3school
thanks for any one that want to help me.

First, get JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, but David Flanagan.

Once you have absorbed everything in the book and put it into practise, then read and watch everything available by Douglas Crockford. I found his stuff very good after I had been writing JavaScript for a few years. It wouldn't have meant much to me in my early days but by all means have a look at the YUI Theater videos to get a feel for his enthusiasm.


although not comprehensive, w3schools is a good resource.

Once you've got the basic syntax, try diving straight into Jquery, make a simple website. Everytime you hit a problem or want to animate something, do a google search, find out how other people have done it.

The best way to learn is to practice. And you'll have more fun with Jquery.

But its well worth investing in a proper javascript reference as 'Airshow' mentioned.

The gays am pleased to hear it!