Greetings Everyone,

The Scenario is, we are incorporating a js calender into a page, as usually, there is a issue with calender clip location, the css of calender is in javascript, i have tried targeting firefox enough with tags like

(firefox, -moz-binding:, load-mozilla-css, ff4)

in the following code snippet

if (browser.dom || browser.firefox){
            document.writeln('@-moz-document url-prefix()');
            document.writeln('#container {');
            document.writeln('position : absolute;');
            document.writeln('left : 0px;');
            document.writeln('top : 1000px;');
            document.writeln('margin : 0 auto;');
            document.writeln('width : 124px;');;
            document.writeln('height : ' + height +'px;');
            document.writeln('clip:rect(0px 140px ' + height + 'px 0px);');
            //document.writeln('overflow : hidden;');
            document.writeln('visibility : hidden;');
            document.writeln('background-color : #ffffff');
            document.write('<div id="container"');
            if (timeoutDelay) document.write(' onmouseout="calendarTimeout();" onmouseover="if (timeoutId) clearTimeout(timeoutId);"');

which can target the clip?

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