i have chosen virtual classroom systems to be done as a project for my final year.. i would like to know the enhancements and the new features that could be added to the project so that i could try to add them into my final year project…
also, please let me know how to add web conferencing to the project.. please give ur comment about this project too..!!
thank u…

You haven't provided a definition of the scope of the project or any limitations. Some of this could be done by implementing an existing open-source online training system but if the requirement is that you develop the solution yourself then you are potentially looking at a very significant project that could take many hundreds if not thousands of hours.

With respect to web conferencing, have a look at the link below for some idea of what you would be into if you want to include that:


thanks for the fast reply..

i think i will implement the existing open source system like moodle or wimba with system have video's uploading feature for teachers as well as homework uploading feature of student and also include chat feature or group discussion system in system.

i havent think about the limitation but maybe the system wont include the science subject because the student need to use practical equipment and also maybe wont include the registrations and payment stuff...

what do u think about this idea??? is it interesting and fresh idea??


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Slow down. How much time have you got to make this? I use Moodle with our school, but it'll take some time to set up. Even more to make it work. For instance, will you be using LDAP to deal with login etc. It can get quite technical.

You say 'urgent' in your title. Does urgent mean that you haven't started yet and are seriously running out of time?! If so, you're going to struggle no matter what you decide.

I use ustream on occasion to deliver live lessons. It's OK, and allows the audience to interact via chat-like function. You can also save your 'lectures' so that students can peruse them if they couldn't make the live session.

Your system could have the following:

video lessons
educational videos (youtube, vimeo, and others) - use embeddable objects or iframes
slideshows (alternative objects for Powerpoints)
pdfreader for notes, handouts etc.
mediaplayer for TV streaming
interactive quizzes (e.g. proprofs or discovery)
upload area for student assignments
feedback / marking / grading for assignments

On top of this you'll need to ensure that pages are delivered course-focus and student-focus.

This is a big job. I'd say a good few months if developing your own. Moodle, up to a month?

thanks for the details given to me..

i need to submit the fyp topic and others stuff like problem statement, objective, justification and etc by today. i'm still not sure if my supervisor will approve or reject my fyp topic. i think i will get 7 months to develop the system. is it possible?

How to deliver the live lesson with allow the chat function? and also how can i save the live lesson and upload it later? or maybe can you provide me the link that related to all this stuff..

what do you mean course focus and student focus? how can i achieved that?

sorry for asking too many question..
thanks a lot..

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7 months should be fine.
The Ustream live stream / Chat are embeddable objects, so no coding required.
THe lessons are recorded and stored on ustream.

However, you could upload them to Vimeo/YT/Blogger or any other platform.

Course-focus and student-focus.

Course focus meaning you go to a course and you then have navigation to all pages about that course.
Student focus - means you have navigation all to do with the student's stuff (e.g. profile, list of courses, etc).
Just a way of saying that the navigation can change according to the user's focus.
You can get around a lot of this with a 'breadcrumb' trail.

If you do have 7 months, I'd spend up to 2 weeks - month on reviewing and meddling with Moodle and other education platforms. Look for the best and least desirable features of each. You can then roll your own.

There are millions of embeddable widgets out there, so you won't have to build everything from scratch. Like ajax uploader, js filemanagers.