i ahve a form in that visitors can type their information and their website address. but when they give their website adddress like http:www//sitename.com it wont hyperlink. please anybody help me how to hyperlink taht one?

You will need to provide some additional information in order for us to fully understand what your problem is and how to help you fix it.

  • Please include your code in the next post. Put the code inside [code][/code] tags so that we can read it.
  • Where exactly is it not getting hyperlinked? Text won't automatically be turned into hyperlinks, you have to put the code to create the hyperlinks.
  • http:www//sitename.com is not a valid web location. http://www.sitename.com is an example of a valid web location.

sorry .ok i will exllain my problem. i ahve a textare in my form in which visitors give their information with their website address. fo example

"i am afreelance webdesigner for more information go to my website www.sitename.com"

this information get stored in the databse
but i need to hyperlink that site name automatically. becose i canot force the vistiors to write <aherf> tag. i want my code to detect www and http and convert that site into hyerlink.i hope you understood my problem

You can either allow BB codes to be used like most web forums, or if you truly don't want users to have to type any tags (like these cool forums here), you'll have to parse the message and look for a web address. Probably using regular expressions to determine what a valid address in your text should look like.