hello to all members...

i have developed a simple application with php...now i am further looking for learning RIA developments....i searched for flex and silverlight...

i want to know is there any requirement for silverlight to have IIS server or any to work with php.....

In flex i found good result but still remain to choose between both.

Can anybody guid me on this.which one is better option...?


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This article looks at some of the strengths and weaknesses of the different options. You need to consider Javascript solutions like JQuery as well. In part, it depends on what you're going to do with it. Mobile apps are becoming a bigger part of the picture but that may not be part of what you want to do. How well PHP integrates with these different approaches is then another question once you establish your preference for a particular approach based on the other criteria.


Note: I can say from personal experience that it is quite easy to implement JQuery plugins and requires very little startup time or learning. You don't need to know anything about Javascript to use them. My perception is that you would have to invest some time and energy (and maybe $) if you wanted to start using Flex or Silverlight. It depends how serious you are about it and whether you'll get sufficient payback for that investment. If you are already a Flash or .Net developer, then that would be another factor in the decision.


Silverlight is running client-side, so you don't need a special server for it. PHP is server-side, so they can live together happily (just like PHP and flash, for example).


thanks crishea ...the article which you have suggested helps a lot...
almost clear my confusion. i do study about it more.

Twiss, thanks for replying.exactly the right answer which i was searching.....

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