I have done my homework but couldn't find any good solution so I am here asking for help.
I want to make pages like the structure below.

www .yoursite . com/Content.aspx?Privacy
www .yoursite . com/Content.aspx?About_us
www .yoursite . com/Content.aspx?Security

I hope you get the problem.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

More specifies.....
yoursite .com/Content.aspx?Page=Results


How to make such a cool gridview?
Isn't it a grid view? Please correct me if I am wrong.

All the contents are shown in such gridviews.
My dear pro's please come out and speak.

It means Content.aspx?Page=$variable is just a virtual address?
Anyone having a sample application for this concept?

Silly me. I did my RND for the whole day, but hey that was not a complete waste of time. I did learnt new features.

Little help required in this topic.

Plus how to make such a cool grid view design like in the image above?
Please :)


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You seem to have 2 questions in one thread. First you want to do URL rewriting like chrishlay has said. The second is you say you want to make a cool gridview but your picture is not a grid and looks more like a simple popup box. Please give more exact details. For the gridview stuff, use HTML, CSS and images to make anything on the internet look "cool".

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I said it "looks like", I didn't say it was. Now, if you'd like help you will need to supply more information please.

u need to url rewrite using web.config and then you can show this types of url

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NetProgrammer, we have told you for the URL you need to do URL rewriting, so look up how to do it or: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=asp.net+url+rewrite

For the visuals, they are using images to make the rounded corners and left, right and bottom borders through CSS, with a dash of HTML (This is what I told you earlier). If you'd view the source you'd be able to look at all of this yourself. Learning from someone else's code is good, it also gives you experience in reading code.

Learn how to use IE Developer Toolbar or Firebug (for Firefox) and there is one for Chrome but I don't remember the name.

So, just to be absolutely clear, URL rewrite and look at the persons code that you want to copy while using the above mentioned tools. I'm only here to help you get your answers, I'm not here to give them to you.