Hello all,
my lecturer had asked me to encrypt the message using PHP codes i.e to design a website so that someone must be able to send message and appear to DB as an encrypted message using such encrypted method. I don't know how to do or where to put encryption codes in my html codes! someone with idea may help me. i wonder if i will use the simplest encryption method.
Thank you.

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If you want some help with an assignment, you need to do the initial work and provide some code and tell us what problem you are having. You need to do most of it or you don't deserve to get a passing mark. It sounds as if you don't have much understanding of PHP so I would guess that you don't have much or any experience using a DB either. You also don't seem to know much of anything about encryption. You have a lot of learning to do if you are going to complete this assignment through your own efforts. If you haven't already had an introduction to PHP (and databases if this assignment requires you to use one) in your course, then this assignment doesn't make too much sense.

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