I'am really new to all this Facebook development, and I wanted to integrate Facebook within my personal website.
I am now trying to test if what I want is possible.

I want to post a status from my server, via php/js to my Page in Facebook.
How can I do so?

I saw that there is this FBJS function called "Facebook.streamPublish"
But I don't know how to integrate it.
Is there any possible way to do so?

Can you give me an example?

-Secondly, what is an access token?

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What have you tried implementing it?
An access token is a token that your app can do things in Facebook with on the user's behalf.

I want:
A way to post a Facebook status to my page on Facebook, from an external website that i own.How do I do so?

Is it clear to you now?

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Wow. The question was: what did you try?

I have tried:

$facebook->api_client->session_key = ##tricky part....
 $response = $facebook->api(array(
  'method' => 'stream.publish',
  'message' => 'Test from dreafmhosters.com',
  'target_id' => '220095158019707'

And this:

Nothing worked so far...
Except the first one, but people told me that it is outdated, and I don't know what the session stands for(I couldn't find information about it that is connected to my code...) and how my friends could get there own session.

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