Hi all, I got some little problem for Unicode:

My Unicode were Chienese world => 你好, 有什么能协助您的吗

When the 1st time i insert it in to database it saved in this form
-> "&#20320 &#22909 , &#26377 &#20160 &#20040 &#33021 &#21327 &#21161 &#24744 &#30340 &#21527 &#65311" ( every &# 1234 got ";" at behind)

but when i run update query to update it it display in this
ä½ å¥½, 有什么能å助您的å—?

and the database become 你好, 有什么能协助您的吗

how i "encrypt" it to this format
-> "&#20320 &#22909 , &#26377 &#20160 &#20040 &#33021 &#21327 &#21161 &#24744 &#30340 &#21527 &#65311"
during update?

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Can you post the code which validates and inserts the content into the database, and the code that retrieves and displays the content to the webpage?

And I assume if the Chinese characters are displaying correctly in the database the tables and fields are using UTF-8 Unicode encoding, and the HTML charset is set to UTF-8??


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WHy do you want to store it as incorrect html-encoded format?

THis means to output it correctly you need to add a ';' to it. Also it takes up a ridiculous amount of space.

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