Hi all,

First i am sorry if this already asked somewhere before,i've searched it but didn't found any and i am a total beginner

how to make a page visible for only some current time? let me say to complete a survey in given time

in the admin page there will be two field

Starting Time and Ending Time ( i am planning use calendar time picker for more neat and easier for admin )

and a button to activate

in the front end user will able to see page only at the current time and taking action for completing the form, if somehow they missed to complete it admin will send unique link that will expired in sometime

if you could show me the bare bone or point me to any related article for this will be very appreciated

Thank you in advance

Hello idblack ! You can do what you want with date() function !

Try to read this and if you dont understand what to do, write a comment ! Sorry for this, but I have only a few minutes free.