Hi everyone

New to the site (as you can tell)

I've searched the web and your site and still struggle to find an answer to my question.

I'm creating a profile website in PHP, I have my sign up and login forms, which registers the details on my sql database, then the user has access to a registered user only page.

What I want to create tho is a page whereby when logged in they can create a profile for themselves, upload a picture and advertise on my community.

I hope you can help and look forward to being a part of this online community and again I apologise if this has been covered already


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Well Andy , I think this is a whole project task and you need to pay for someone to make him tackle it for you or even make him a partner in this project ;)


Start by getting a working login/logout/register script. Once that is done, look into file uploads, html/css, javascript, and what other "edit account" pages look like on other websites.

Structure your "edit account" to be easy to use and understand.

If you don't know how to o this, as Amr87 said, you would need to look into hiring someone.


Hey wernz i have one contact me [snipped]

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hey guys thanks for your advice. from what i understand its all relating to php sessions and how they get the info from sql.
i have my login and registration set up and now will attempt the profile aspect.. ill let you know how i get on :)

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