What I am trying to do is restrict access to something if 48 hours hasn't passed since the last access.

I have a MySQL table with the last access time (col name: lastAccess).

If they are within the 48hours, deny access and tell them how many hours and minutes until they can access it again, otherwise, let them through,

Here is my not-working code.

$q = mysql_query("SELECT lastAccess FROM access");
$a = mysql_fetch_array($q);
$access = $a['lastAccess'];
if(strtotime("+48 hours", $access) >= time()){
	echo "Access Granted";
	echo "No Access! You have __ hours and __ minutes left.";

Thank you in advance for your help.

-- Turt2Live

MySQL returns dates and times in a different format than PHP, which uses timestamps. Use the MySQL function UNIX_TIMESTAMP to convert it in your query.

$q = mysql_query("SELECT UNIX_TIMESTAMP(lastAccess) FROM access");

Alright, and how would I determine the hours and minutes until the lock is over?

The rest of the code looked good for that, except the name of the array element would be UNIX_TIMESTAMP(lastAccess) so:

$access = $a['UNIX_TIMESTAMP(lastAccess)'];