Hello Everyone,
This problem has been driving me up a wall.

I have a page that uses dynamically created controls to allow users to update records. The dynamic controls are part of tablerows that get recreated each time the page loads. Within the tablerows are a textbox, dropdownlist and a button that allows them to make the changes and update the record.
The functionality of the page works properly, the problem is that after the controls are created for the first time I cannot change the dropdownlist selecteditem from the code behind.
When the user changes the table filter a new set of records is retrieved from the database and the value of the dropdownlist is set accordingly. This only works the first time the control is created.
If the selected item is changed and the update for that row is clicked the ddl retains the new value when the filter is changed.

I've tried enabling and disabling the viewstate on the page and control with no success, although from what I've been reading the viewstate doesn't figure into this problem.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated and I will gladly provide more information if necessary.

Thanks in advance.