I am having a table A...and i am copying(inserting) the content of the table A to the empty table B.I am doing changes in the values in table A ....but my table B always should remain constantly ...the changes done in table A should be reflected to the table B using php...please give me a solution to sort out my problem.

My problem is that, making changes in table A, its also reflecting to table B. But i don't need this.

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Setup a mysql table that has 2 columns, Table A & Table B, then when you use a form to insert the data, have the data that goes in Table A to also go in Table B.

Then you can edit Table A without disturbing Table B


hi, can't understand....two columns or two table.please need more explanation.thanks


Ok so you have a database named


There is 1 table in that database
The table is named table1

table1 has 3 column

column 1 is named id with 11 and auto increment
column 2 is named new
column 3 is name old

Now you would have a form that inserts the data into both column new and column old in table1. Then you can update column new without editing column old.

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