Please how do I apply search form to my website to search out files from my site if searched,
Please how do I type the form, can someone give me the sample out here,
How do I relate the search form to the files that I have in my site , for example : the file names are boy, girl, man, woman how do I associate these files name so the search form will take note of them, please can someone help me out, I would be grateful.

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Thank you but I wanted a situation where., for example I have movies in my site and if I use Google it will redirect the search result in its own search window but I would want a situation there the movie information and its photo will open in my own site without redirecting to Google’s search window, even doe that Google will search it out under my site website name but I wouldn`t want it to be redirected to Google’s window,
If you take an example of any movie site online and search a movie like Thor it will open the movies logo and information Witten the site, that is what I want , thank you for help.

And where exactly is all this data stored? Usually you want a database in order to filter your results. PHP is really bad at extracting content from files.

Thanks for your responce MagicMedia, sorry I may have been late in replying to your responce, I only have time at this hour as I return from school.

I have the data stored in a folder containing my website folders, you see, these movie are all listed with their titles and logo/photo one by one in my index page,
I would want a situation that if clicked by someone it will open its information and the photo in an extention page under my index layout,
Please take a look of these two sites online ( ) if you click on any of the film it will open an information window , that is how I want it Magic, and these sites have about thousands of movies online I believe that their pages are not created one by one but there should be a way the informations for the particular movie links to the index page and open as a page on its own which think it should be a work of aia dont know if java or something that can do that magic,Please educate me on how to do it,bear with me if I am complicated i plead. is using Wordpress. It's a content management system using PHP to query a MySQL database.

If you want a search function, or a page to display a lot of results, you will need to make your own database.

Thank you MagicMedia, please can you instruct me on how to apply this worspress I my site. applied wordpress like this in his site (<meta name="generator" content="WordPress 3.2.1">) is this enough to perform the magic or is there any olther thing that I would please.

ok I wil go to the instruction just now but quickly I want to let you know that the file are movie files and I have them uploaded with my host site, filesonic and fleserve, so I have the file download links with me so I don`t need to download them to my site, I would just put the links in my site and make the movie logo/photo appear i my site, why I needed page and information generator is that I want each movie to open up in a different page contaning its information if a photo of a movie is clicked

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