hi guys,

i have a script

<script>KT_self_url = "pageToRedirect.php";</script>

basically it is a script that runs after a flash multi upload.
problem is that the script does not refresh the page. so if i set for example

script>KT_self_url = "members_Detail.php?MemberID=<?php echo($row_WADAmembers['MemberID']); ?>#tabs-11";</script>

it hangs with the flash upload on page. it redirects but it does not auto refresh the content.

is there any code i could set in the script above that will refresh with the redirect?

thanks again

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You can use 'header()' function with PHP.

header('location: your_page.php');

the code is very specific to the product which was used to create the flash multi upload.

so i am guessing it will need to fit in the code somehow i have provided. the company no longer exists which is rubbish as the product is great.

any ideas of how i could have it fit in with the above at all?

thanks again

You can use this:-


thanks where do i place this code?

will this work automatically every time an insert record on the page is executed?

thanks again for your help

anywhere. you can insert it anywhere in your page as long as it is bottom of the page. just experiment it.

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