hi experts.. I'm new to javascript/ajax and i need to upload a picture to a server then the server will send a preview without redreshing the page..how can i do that? any suggestion? or sites for tutorials? thanks for help.. i need this ASAP..

you can search the web for uploadify, it is ok but not my preferred method.

i have searched the web but all the sample codes contains php script. php is not an option here.. i just need to use javascript, ajax or java servlet. any idea? thanks..

no, you have to post to 'something' server side for an ajaxian like call to actually process the uploaded image. So what server side language is available to you? You could still use the ajax like process and post to a jsp, asp, applet, ... page that should process for you, sorry, used to dealing with php issues. how do you normally process the form.

oww..thanks,it seems that it is impossible without running any server side script, i think i'll just do it using java servlet and javascipt. it looks like its easy in php but the project that im working with is limited to java, javascipt, ajax and html.. thanks anyway.. :)