I would like to hide a value in cfoutput and have the browser not show it but the value is needed.

I have tried styling to have white text but it no working please help

<cfsetting enablecfoutputonly="true">
<cfparam name="q" default="" />
<cfquery name="qryGetCountry" datasource="dbtest">
select		*
from		Cities
Where Country Like <cfqueryPARAM value = "#URL.q#%" CFSQLType = 'CF_SQL_CHAR'> or RegionCity Like <cfqueryPARAM value = "#URL.q#%" CFSQLType = 'CF_SQL_CHAR'> or City Like <cfqueryPARAM value = "#URL.q#%" CFSQLType = 'CF_SQL_CHAR'> or Resort Like <cfqueryPARAM value = "#URL.q#%" CFSQLType = 'CF_SQL_CHAR'> 
Order by	Country
<cfoutput query="qryGetCountry">
#qryGetCountry.RegionCity &" "& qryGetCountry.City &" "& qryGetCountry.Country &" Ref:"& qryGetCountry.ID##chr(10)#</cfoutput>

I would like to hide the qryGetCountry.ID the cfoutput is important as the other values are needed.

Thanks I hope that makes sense.