Hello Everybody ! i have a few questions for u

I have already made an appointment booking website on PHP using PHP Designer as editor and on WAMP platform, i run it on localhost. The website consults Database and puts forward the times available and lets users fix appointments and stores fixed appointments back into Db.THIS is running fine.

Main problem-->Now i want to build a mobile application on Android platform that could be integrated to that same database, once i upload the website on internet, and offer the same functionality of booking appointments on Mobile phonesas my website.

1) Is it possible? (and i assume the answer is yes)
2) which language do i use to write the code for my android app?
3) If answer of the above question is JAVA ,then do i have to learn J2ME first (i know core java/SL-275 only)
4) how much time do u think will it take me to learn and develop such app approx?

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Hello siva,

first of all, if you design your website well, it shouldn't be much of a problem to do a booking directly from an android-based webbrowser. Personally, I am very satisfied with the quality and speed of displaying websites on almost any mobile devices.

If you still want to provide an app as well, you do have to write it in JAVA. I once popped into android-java and it wasn't much different to anything I learnt before. I know that in the meanwhile there are also other possibilities (eg http://www.monkeycoder.co.nz/), but I've never tried them so far.

To start, you basically have to convert your PHP output from HTML to XML. Then you truncate the information and display them via your app. Sending data to the server works the other way round.

This all may sound a bit mind boggling, but when you once started, I guess all clouds might quickly disappear.

I hope that helps, Simon

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Your app seems to require a connection anyway, so it doesn't seem to matter whether it's a web app or a native android app. However, if you want to fill your app with data when no connection is available and then sync later, you'll need a native app.

If you're creating a web-only solution, you may need to use responsive design for all the different screen sizes/resolutions that may use it. media queries are very important for this.

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