Hello Ladies and Gents,

I hope everyone is doing well as they receive this message. If anyone knows some basic html language and can assist, it would be much appreciated. I will take them out to dinner at their choice of restaurant.

Basically there is a file that we house in our company a basic htm file that has menus/links to view Check Images.

I was assigned this responsibility with out proper training and I have no back ground or any knowledge in html. But it's been fairly simple as the previous person was able to just show me how to cut and past certain lines and increment some number so that it will update the web page accordingly with the Month and Date in it's respective year.

However since I have to update the page with a new submenu with 2006 Images link I can't simply because I was never taught and I just don't know how.

I'm sure it's very easy to do with someone who has some knowledge in HTML.

Ok for visual assistance I can provide a snapshot of the site i can email it to whom wants to assist.

Uhm, ok i don't know how to attach a file here..Hmm..

First off I can tell you your query has nothing to do with html...
This is a menu generated entirely by javascript, and without knowing what the variables stand for it would be difficult to recreate a new menu.

That said, some of the code looks as if it might have come from http://www.sothink.com/product/dhtmlmenu/
So you could head over there and download the demo...