Hi guys, i'm having a major problem with producing queries using PHP. By the way, not that good at trying to explain problem!!

I want to be able to run queries within a PHP form without having to input values into every fields(meaning searching the database for field1, fields2, field4 & field5 whilst field 3, field 6 & field 7 are empty). There are 7 fields. An example of what I'm looking for is:-

If a user wants to know how many males, in Year 2 walk to school and thinks that the roads are busy.

The names of the fields are:- gender, yeargroup, walkcycle, bustrain, crossbusyroads, school, security.

P.s Using MySQL database

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Seems like you could build your query according to what it entered. I take it you are having trouble because field 7 might be blank and you don't want to search for a blank field 7, you want to ignore field 7?

So just do a:
if ($_POST["gender"]) $qry.="gender='". $_POST["gender"]."',";
for each field.

Note the .= which keeps adding each part to the query.

Then trim the last comma off and use $qry as your query.

Good luck