Hi . I surprised what why my lastIdRows method doesnt work .Please take alook at it's definition and tell me do you see any syntax error

public function process($query){
                    die("Database query failed".mysql_error());
                return $result;
            }// End "process()" method
            public function lastIdRows($column_set,$table_name,$last_id){
                $query="SELECT '{$column_set[0]}','{$column_set[1]}','{$column_set[2]}','{$column_set[3]}' FROM '{$table_name}' WHERE id>'{$last_id}'";
                return $result;
            }// End "last_id_rows()" method

If you pass less than 4 items in the $column_set, the query will fail.

I would love to here a reason for the down vote this time.

I clearly explain what i want in my question

Okay, no, there is no syntax error in this part, but since your posted code is incomplete, there may be other reasons it won't work. Apparantly you get errors, but you do not post them, which leaves us guessing.

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Ho ho ho. Downvoted for the failings of the OP. That's a good one. Ignore list beckons methinks Prit! :)

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