Hi everybody, in my database, am trying to print the value of total and then add it to the price,
i was able to fetch the value of total but when i tried to add it to to price so as to get value of sum in this line
of code

sum = price + %s, row[0]  
    puts "sum"

nothing happens. where am i supposed to perform the operations, is outside the loop. below is the code, any help please

    require 'cgi'

    cgi = CGI.new
    puts cgi.header

    require "dbi"

     price = '100'
       # connect to the MySQL server
         conn = DBI.connect("DBI:Mysql:db:localhost", 
    	                    "root", "root566")

        rs = con.query("SELECT total from product where product_id = '20'")

       row = stmt.fetch do
       puts "<font color=green size=4><b>get total values</b></font><br><br>"

     printf '<b>total:</b> %s<br>', row[0]

     sum = price + %s, row[0]  
    puts "sum"
    rescue Mysql::Error => e
        puts e.errno
        puts e.error
        con.close if con

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Couple of things: puts "sum" just outputs the string sum not the value of the variable. If you'd like that you need to do something like puts "#{sum}" or, simply puts sum .
As for the addition, I'm not sure if you are looking to do string concatenation or a value sum. If you are looking to do concatenation then try sum = price + row[0] . If you want to add the values, then possibly sum = price.to_i + row[0].to_i (or .to_f , depending on your needs).

thanks a lot

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