hi to all,
i did a project in jsp for "online exams" in my college
then here my problem is how can i put into server so that every student can write the exam by connecting to the server
how can he connect to the application(jsp file) which i put in one system
please help me

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but we need to use one "server" to dispatch all the requests from various "clients" which are connected to that...
so can i know what the "server" i need to use to deploy????
please explain or give "url" where i can get more info...


You are failing to explain the situation. Anyway you need to have access to Java container/server such as Tomcat, JBoss, Glasfish, Jetty etc. This will normally run on top of Apache 2 server. Apache 2 server will redirect request for a domain/sub-domain (depends on the configuration) to Tomcat. Tomcat is then able to direct it to corresponding application.

So do you have access to any Java container? What sort of access? (Admin can do anything on it, user can only deploy application in dedicated location). I just hope we will not wait another 2 months for your reply


i guess we have to use apache axis,,,
i just used "apache tomcat" to run jsp program on my "desktop",,
so then what i have to do to make others to access the program in "my" system....
sorry if i cant explain it correctly,,,
thanks in advance

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