IM new to Ruby and RoR. I have very less prior experience with web techs. I know how web works and worked with pre coded php code (edited em)... and ran websites with template scripts and wordpress cms. But never built em on my own.

Now I wanna learn a web framework. and RoR seems to be the most popular one. everyone's talking about it.

So I dont know much php, java script or Ajax.

Im learning Ruby language now. SO to setup successful web apps with RoR do I need any of above technologies??

Simply speaking... what are all the things I would need to know to setup and run web apps with RoR framework.

Thanks a lot!!

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First of all, if you want to be a good RoR developer, spend time on getting to grips with the Ruby programming language. JavaScript is a must for modern-day web developers, coding in any scripting language. Get good experience in DOM scripting. Learning Ajax techniques will become a breeze after that.

Once you've good experience with Ruby, only then can you develop good RoR applications. Hacking things is the easier part. It's creating something from scratch where things start seeming difficult. So just don't learn to hack, learn to create something new, something unique, something refreshing.

For that, very good knowledge of HTML (HTML4/XHTML/HTML 5), JavaScript, CSS, Ruby & RoR is required.

ALright great. So Im learning Ruby now. So Ill have to master it. I know html. So I need CSS and JavaScript. Thanks a lot!

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