Hi, I am using Paypal to do my payment processing, however the user authentication JSP session variables I am using are expiring during the transition from my site to paypal's then back to mine again. The result is obviously that access is denied on return and the transaction does not complete (my site needs to then take action when payment is processed)

Any ideas how to get round this?


Is something unclear from their examples?

This is frankly the kind of patronisingly unhelpful response I've come to expect from forums like this.

I have solved the problem but no thanks to you.

Given the way you presented your problem and did not provided any code what you expect? We do not see what you doing so any possible avenue is point to official documentation and hoping that conversation will start. However given your "fast" reply ratio I see no point for you to moan. If you came back saying well this is my problem, here I'm getting stuck somebody would have replied.