epicrevolt 6 Junior Poster in Training

So I am at the fork in the road. Do I use a ready made script like Drupal or WordPress, or build my own system. I have a client in need of a website to store object information (we will call it an object). All the conceivable specifications and then some (60+ specs per object). This will be accompanied by reviews, photos (user uploaded included), discussions, and more.
I want to create my own script to handle this, but all the variables are adding up to a very long development cycle if hand coded (from scratch). I looked into Wordpress (because it seems to handle custom fields well) and ran into a problem with community reviews and views (viewing multiple review previews about object on object information page).
Drupal definitely has the capability of doing all this and more, but the risks are very high. Drupal has an issue that just might make or break this project for me. It has memory/CPU issues. We all know they're there. With a community with the features I want along with the potential size of the database, I don't know how well it will play out.

I need your honest opinion with some added information to help me make a decision. What are the risks of running a database with that many fields and rows on Drupal compared to that of a custom script specifically built to handle certain content types and their respective fields?