Can any one make a documentation of the query for me the query code is

"SELECT t.*, SUM(t.item_qty) as count, t.created, t.status, t.ip, as tactive, 
		  SUM(t.downloads) as file_downloads, FROM_UNIXTIME(t.file_date,'%M %e %Y, %H:%i') as registered, as tid, MAX(t.file_date) as file_date," 
				 . " \n as pid, p.title, p.description, p.expiry, as pactive, p.price, p.slug, p.metakeys, p.metadesc," 
				 . " \n AS fid, f.alias, f.filesize,"
				 . " \n AS uid"
				 . " \n FROM transactions as t" 
				 . " \n LEFT JOIN " . $this->pTable . " as p ON =" 
				 . " \n LEFT JOIN files as f ON p.file_id =" 
				 . " \n LEFT JOIN users AS u ON t.uid ="
				 . " \n WHERE = '" . $this->pid . "' AND t.uid = '" . $user->uid . "' AND t.status = '1'"
				 . " \n GROUP BY";

So you just guess anyone can just know what's being done here, without seeing some actual data and table structures ? What exactly do you want documented ?

Where did you get it from ?

BTW, do NOT cross post. Choose the right forum and post there.

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