I'm learning php and my dad told me to make somthing where you login and if the person has a certain permission can see somthing diffrent then a diffrent user how would i go about this?

setup a database
create user structure / permission levels
use sessions for php login page
have user enter info then when he hits submit
check the database for user and if password is correct
then check permissions table to see available permissions
then send the user to another page or something based on those

would you need like code samples or just a ruff outline

Code samples would be nice making the database for permissions is what confused me most about that i already have a working login right now i just need the permissions working

I am very sorry about the poor spelling in the first post.

are you running a linux server or a windows server ? and did you install mysql or anything ?

I'm using linux right now with just xampp (lampp) to test with but my dad gave me a subdomain on his domain to test on if id like to.

xampp is fine you have a tool called phpmyadmin you can use that to set up a new table for the users permissions

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As H44th states - you need to set a permission for each user. Are you up to speed on DB relational models?