Guys ,

Im creating a small CRM and this is my first time !! and what i have done is i have done some coding in vb and linked it with sql server express in the back-end!!Im new to it and the database is created by me and the webpages interact with it ! im not creating any tables or databases in the run time! i wanted to know is it necessary for me to create a database or tables at runtime !! im really confused ,
Guide me through waht it takes to build a CRM and what are the things i need to follow and keep in mind !

Thanks in advance!

It all comes down to what functionality you are building in. If you cover a full range of pages yourself and don't expect the user (or allow the user) to customize the information the database holds then building tables at run time should not be required.
I wouldn't expect a CMS to build tables for the user if the CMS was well thought out in the first place but, on the flip, that kind of versatility might be useful...

Thank you . i have designed tables and the user only enters or modifies data in der !! since im not an experienced guy im bit worried abt the procedures that im following!!
another thing

Is there any "universally" followed method to generate unique ID's for users on the server side code!! not the e-mail id or tel# !! lets say i give an appointment to a user then i want an unique id automatically generated for that user!! in my code im using microseconds and all the code is too long and i don't think its feasible .

You can't just use a long int or GID? If the id column is auto increment it won't cause any conflicts or double up.


Dynamic creation of database tables is completely depends on requirement of your project.but as you are beginner in this field so you can make your tables in database and apply required fields on them.Its not necessary in any CMR that tables should be generate at run time.


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